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World Time Zone Database Subscription Service

World Time has become a valued destination on the Internet because of its comprehensive nature and because of the accurate world time data it provides. You can now acquire the current database used on World Time to integrate in your company web site or in your own developed applications. Depend on our expertise to provide accurate world time data and get back to focusing on what you do best! Many of the world's largest companies, international airlines, shipping companies, auction sites, currency traders and even government agencies subscribe to our world time zone database service. People who count on time, count on us!

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Not sure? Scroll down and learn why several Fortune 100 companies trust our database to power their software.

What is it?

  • The Time Zone Database provides up to date time zone changes from across the globe. Covering over 500 locations worldwide, our ability to provide timely and accurate updates is second to none.
  • Our database is updated as soon as we verify the change so you can rest assured of accurate time within your application.

What You Get

  • Complete database in your choice of XML or ASCII comma delimited formats for easy import or direct use in any custom project development you create. (click for more info on the XML file or the ASCII file)

  • Email announcements when new versions of the databases are available.

  • Bonus for .NET Programmers: A .NET .dll you can use with our database to help you retrieve data or perform time calculations without the extra work of programming it yourself. This .dll is available for the .NET Framwork and .NET Core 3.1 and is the same one we use for our WorldTimeServer web site.

  • Optional: Map Polygons: For each of the time zone locations in our database, we now have Map Polygons in KML format available. (click here to download a sample) Polygons can be a valuable addition because they allow you to use Longitude/Latitude to pinpoint the matching time location.

Why Do You Need It?

  • Many of the world's largest companies, international airlines, shipping companies, auction sites, currency traders and even government agencies subscribe to our world time zone database service.

  • Own the source of the data and remove dependencies on slower 3rd party time zone updates

  • People who count on time, count on us!


Annual Subscription
(Single License)


Polygon Subscription


Enterprise License:
An Enterprise license allows for unlimited use within your enterprise.

Any Questions?

We would be happy to answer questions about this subscription service. If there is some additional information you need that you cannot find on this site, please Contact Us!


See our Documentation page where we outline the technical aspects of our Time Zone Database software.

License Info

This component is licensed to the subscribers to the World Time Database from You will have the right to use this on ONE web server OR ONE application while you are a subscriber to the WorldTime Database from Should you desire to use this component for more than one project, you can contact our sales department for special pricing information for enterprise or site-wide use.

This component is currently in use on if that speaks to our opinion of its suitability for our own use. However, we provide this component AS-IS and make no promise or warrant that this worldtime.dll will meet your requirements or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free. Nor do we offer any Warranties or Guarantees of any kind. You are free to use this dll within the terms of your licence in any way you see fit, but AT YOUR OWN RISK.

It is also not our intention to provide consulting, performance tuning nor technical assistance beyond the very fundamentals for this component. We simply provide it as an option for the subscribers to our WorldTime Database Service, should you decide it is useful for your needs.


The information in this publication is subject to constant review due to changing government laws and regulations. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, World Time shall not be held responsible for loss or damage caused by errors, omissions, misprints, or misinterpretation of the contents hereof. Furthermore, World Time expressly disclaims all and any liability to any person, whether a purchaser of this publication or not, in respect of anything done or omitted, and the consequences of anything done or omitted, by any such person in reliance on the contents of this publication.