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Expect Shorter Days and Colder Weather This December 2021

People have enjoyed an additional hour of sleep. Thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time, they have adjusted their clocks one hour backward. But, the end of the biannual tradition does not only mean more sleep because people have to expect shorter days and earlier sunsets. Not only that, but th... read more

N.J. Senator Proposes A Legislation - A Way to Stop Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time has ended in many states, but there are still places still in observance of this practice. If you are in New Jersey and you hate this biannual tradition, the good news is coming your way because Shirley Turner, a New Jersey senator, proposes new legislation to stop Daylight Sa... read more

Representative Johnson Seeks Year-Round Daylight Saving Time

Representative Dusty Johnson has signed the ‘Sunshine Protection Act.’ This act aims to get rid of the “fall back” time change, making Daylight Saving Time permanent. Daylight Saving Time is a biannual tradition where people who observe it need to change their clocks twice a year. Most countries ... read more

A Bill in Illinois Proposes Daylight Saving Time to Become Permanent in the State

Daylight Saving Time is the biannual tradition where time springs forward and falls back. It started decades ago in which it focused on saving energy; however, studies have found that it causes some adverse effects. According to Sue Scherer, a State Representative, she has heard from many differe... read more

Many Americans Struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder as Winter Approaches

The end of Daylight Saving Time symbolizes one thing: people need to get used to longer nights and colder weather. Though many places have rejoiced for the end of the biannual tradition, almost 13 million people still felt struggles because of the said transition. According to studies, about 5% o... read more

Oklahoma Senator Hopes to Lock the State in Permanent Daylight Saving Time

Blake Stephens of Tahlequah, a senator in Oklahoma, wants to keep Daylight Saving Time permanent. After his interim study in October, he proposed a bill to lock the state into the biannual tradition. According to Stephens, Daylight Saving Time would benefit the farmers and ranchers. Aside from th... read more

Legislative Push to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent Gets Renewed

Congress members in Boston have renewed the push to make Daylight Saving Time year-round. If approved, the nation would not need to change its clocks again twice a year. Boston and other places that follow the biannual tradition turned back the clocks one hour last Sunday. According to U.S. Senat... read more

Indiana Temporarily Bids Farewell to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time has its pros and cons, but this biannual tradition has a troublesome reputation in Indiana. Although the goal of DST is to conserve energy and add extra daylight hours, many people hate Daylight Saving Time. Residents in Indiana find it inconvenient to change clocks not once b... read more

Murray Co-Sponsors Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Year-Round

Senator Patty Murray, a Washington lawmaker, has co-sponsored a bill to make the United States Daylight Saving Time permanent, considering the two years after the state approved the change at the state level. Murray did the co-sponsorship to bring the Sunshine Protection Act in front of federal la... read more

Circadian Rhythm Expert Warns Albertans Against Year-Round Daylight Saving Time

Albertans are preparing for the upcoming election, but they should also decide whether to keep Daylight Saving Time permanent or not. This is because they will be asked to choose whether to continue rotating between standard and DST or keep permanent Daylight Saving Time.  However, according to D... read more

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