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How to Recover from Daylight Saving Time Change: 7 Effective Tips

People who live in countries following Daylight Saving Time (DST) have different opinions about it. Some are in favor, while other individuals are not. DST starts in the spring and ends in the fall season. These changes have been an ongoing tradition for many countries and states. DST supporters bel... read more

What Time Zone Is Chicago In?

Are you considering moving to Chicago? Whether you are staying there for good or visiting some tourist destinations, it is essential to know Chicago's time zone. This way, you can make excellent plans for your travels. Besides, you also need to know if this place follows the Daylight Saving Time, ... read more

Time Zones in the World: Why Do Countries Change Their Time Zones?

If you look at the clock and ask someone from another side of the world what time it is, you'll notice that there’s a big difference. It is indeed remarkable how people live on the same planet but experiences different times. It could be a day in your area while it is still night in other countries.... read more

Standard Time vs. Military Time: Why Do We Have Them?

Accurate timekeeping is crucial because it helps you in your day to day activities. Without a clock or wristwatch, it would be hard to tell whether you are on time or late for your necessary appointments. You can also find it challenging to track how many hours you have spent at work. But aside fr... read more

Should Daylight Saving Time Be Repealed?

There are over 50 countries that follow Daylight Saving Time. That number includes the whole nation or a portion of the country. Among the countries, China, India, and Japan are some of the industrialized countries that do not observe DST. When it comes to the United States and Canada, some states a... read more

Are There Places Spanning Two Time Zones?

The Earth’s rotation causes different regions to receive either light or darkness. It does not only affect whether a specific place will experience day or night. Time is also affected, meaning one location could be a few hours ahead of other regions. According to the World Atlas, a team of scientist... read more

How DST Can Affect Your Mental Health

The Daylight Saving Time (DST) in some states has already ended. However, some people are still affected by the impact it has brought to their lives. They started to notice the shortening days as time passed by. According to Dr. Gary Brandt, a family physician of the Oregon Medical Group, DST can al... read more

The Proposal to Abolish Time Zones

In recent years, many have proposed that we do away with time zones for the entire world or even the United States.   There are several reasons for this, the most pertinent of which is that time zones aren't considered as useful as they were back in the day. If everyone were to be on one universal... read more

When Does Daylight Saving Time End in 2020

Daylight Saving Time is scheduled to end soon in 2020, but you never really know with 2020, right? Just kidding, we've summarized the major time zones in the United States and when you can turn back the clock. What is Daylight Saving Time? Here are some of the more prominent DST end dates and ti... read more

Download our Vacation Packing List (Printable PDF)

 Packing for a family vacation can be one of the absolute worst and most stressful experiences you’ll have. Not only do you need to make sure you have everything you need, you also need to cover for your children and spouse. This may not seem like a big deal before the big day, but once you actually... read more

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