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Why January Mornings are Darker

January has arrived, which now means you can now observe shorter days and colder nights, signifying the winter season. During this time, you can expect darker mornings in January, and probably, you are wondering why. The Winter Solstice Some people like summer more, but this December onwards cou... read more

Does Brazil Have Four Time Zones?

Unlike other countries with a single time zone, Brazil observes more than one. So if you are planning to visit the country, it is best to familiarize yourself with its time zones. This way, you can plan your activities better since they are in sync with Brazil's time. But how many time zones does ... read more

Winter Solstice 2021: What To Know

Daylight Saving Time in some of the US states has already ended. And Americans know what comes with it - the nights will become longer, and the weather becomes colder. Some people don't know why this happens; but they are aware that it happens every year. If you're not familiar with this phenomeno... read more

Daylight Saving Time Causes Troubles on the Road

Daylight Saving Time has ended in many places, but its effects are still felt as it brought challenges on the road. Based on the AAA's website, the fall and winter months have brought less daylight and darker commuting hours.  As a result, more crashes were seen between cars and pedestrians or bi... read more

Daylight Saving Time: Essential Tips to Help Your Body Adjust

Not all countries observe Daylight Saving Time. But for those who do, they have to change their clocks twice a year, which some people find inconvenient. This is because during the spring forward and fall back, everyone who has changed their clocks might experience some struggles adjusting their b... read more

Is There A Default Time Zone for the US?

Traveling to the United States is a dream for many. Some want to visit this country because of its countless tourist attractions, perfect for adventures. Others want to meet different locals, learn their culture, and try the US' signature dishes. If you have never been to this country before, you ... read more

Can A City Set Its Time Zone?

The original number of time zones is 24, which gives each time zone an hour difference. However, some countries that observe more than a single time zone believe that one hour is not ideal for those places near each other. That's why additional time zones were created. And for those countries that... read more

Why Do We Say Eastern Time But Never Atlantic Time?

Time zones can be confusing sometimes. That’s why familiarizing yourself with these time zones can help you, especially when you are traveling. Aside from knowing what your local time is, it is also vital to learn more about it and its relationship with other time zones. This way, you can avoid ti... read more

Fiordland Tourist Town Te Anau Chooses to Keep Daylight Saving Time Forever

A new season is about to start. That's why people who live in countries, states, and provinces that observe Daylight Saving Time prepare for the time change.  New Zealand has spring forward into DST, but a tiny South Island tourist town wants to set its clocks, choosing to keep summertime forever... read more

One-For-All Internet Time Zone: Does It Exist?

Wall clocks, wristwatches, smartphones, and laptops - all of these gadgets and devices can tell time. But even if getting time updates is more accessible nowadays, some people still get confused with time. One reason for this is the existence of many time zones. From 24, more time zones were consi... read more

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