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Daylight Saving Time around the world

Daylight Saving Time (sometimes referred to as Summer Time or abbreviated as DST) is an idea that moving clocks forward by an hour in the Summer months when days are longer might help citizens take advantage of the "extra" hour of daylight. Over 70 countries use Daylight Saving Time, affecting over 1 Billion people on our planet!

Daylight Saving Time starts and stops at different dates around the world. This can make it difficult to know for certain the best time for making phone calls to the other side of the world.  Also, keep in mind that the Northern and Southern Hemispheres on our planet have opposite seasons, so Australia can be observing their Summer Time adjustments while North America is experiencing Winter. is your best resource for checking out the time before you call, as we do all the work of keeping up with each location's rules for observing Daylight Saving Time. Most popular on our site is the Current Times adjusted for Daylight Saving Time where you can see the time right now, anywhere in the world.

Also popular if you are planning ahead is our Meeting Planner, where you can compare the time throughout the day in two or more places, side by side. If you could use this data for your business, we also have a subscription service available to license our International Time Zone database for your own applications!


Daylight Saving Time in current news stories around the world


Ditch the switch? Call to go on permanent daylight saving time grows  NBC News

So far this year, at least 36 states have introduced legislation to end or study the practice of changing the clocks twice a year, more than any year before.

Is daylight savings time killing you?  Hot Air

So far this year, 36 states have voted to either stop switching the clocks forward and back each year or at least undertake a study of the question. Arizona and ...

Vaughn Palmer: Government survey says it's time to move forward on DST, not fall back  Vancouver Sun

OPINION: If the public is as fed up with going back and forth on the clock as the premier suggests, then the main consideration would be how soon could the ...

Drive-Bys: Daylight Savings Time Is Deadly

Aug 20, 2019. RUSH: Do you know how Daylight Savings Time is killing us? How do you think? If you just had to wild guess, it's obviously a Drive-By Media ...

Province's record Daylight Saving Time survey closes  My Powell River Now

The province's Daylight Saving Time survey has come to an end. It saw a record 223,273 people across British Columbia share their thoughts on whether or not ...

Horgan hints at Daylight Saving Time changes after record survey response  Nelson Star

More than 223000 online surveys were submitted in the government's public consultation.

Goodbye, long summer days: Today's the last 8 p.m. sunset  PennLive

Moving forward, days will slowly but surely get shorter.

Tired of daylight saving time? These places are trying to end it.  National Geographic

It doesn't save energy, and it seems to put health at risk. Now, efforts to stop the twice-yearly time shifts are inching closer to success.

These are the best (and worst) times of year to sell a house

Timing is everything and this is particularly true when selling a house. In fact, sellers can potentially net thousands of dollars more if they sell during the peak ...

Daylight saving time, facts and information  National Geographic

Find out the history behind daylight saving time and why some places participate while others opt out.


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