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Daylight Saving Time around the world

Daylight Saving Time (sometimes referred to as Summer Time or abbreviated as DST) is an idea that moving clocks forward by an hour in the Summer months when days are longer might help citizens take advantage of the "extra" hour of daylight. Over 70 countries use Daylight Saving Time, affecting over 1 Billion people on our planet!

Daylight Saving Time starts and stops at different dates around the world. This can make it difficult to know for certain the best time for making phone calls to the other side of the world.  Also, keep in mind that the Northern and Southern Hemispheres on our planet have opposite seasons, so Australia can be observing their Summer Time adjustments while North America is experiencing Winter. is your best resource for checking out the time before you call, as we do all the work of keeping up with each location's rules for observing Daylight Saving Time. Most popular on our site is the Current Times adjusted for Daylight Saving Time where you can see the time right now, anywhere in the world.

Also popular if you are planning ahead is our Meeting Planner, where you can compare the time throughout the day in two or more places, side by side. If you could use this data for your business, we also have a subscription service available to license our International Time Zone database for your own applications!


Daylight Saving Time in current news stories around the world


Oregon primed to join West Coast effort to make Daylight Saving Time permanent  CNN

Washington (CNN) Oregon's governor plans to sign a bill that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent there as part of an effort among several West Coast ...

Year-round Daylight Savings Time on the horizon  Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

The West Coast states — Washington, Oregon and California — are now united in seeking a permanent, year-round change to Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

Oregon moves toward permanent daylight saving time  KTVZ

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon moved toward making daylight saving time permanent after the House voted 37-20 Thursday to ditch the twice-yearly time change ...

Everybody hates switching to daylight saving time, but the alternative is even worse  Dallas News

The Texas Legislature is considering proposals to have statewide Permanent Daylight Saving Time -- staying on summer DST throughout the winter--or...

Spring forward - and stay put? Bill to end daylight saving time in Oregon advances  KVAL

SALEM, Ore. - A bill to keep Oregon on daylight saving time all year is moving closer to becoming a law. The state Senate approved Senate Bill 320 by a 23-4 ...

Norway Islanders Want to Go 'Time-Free' When Sun Doesn't Set  TIME

People on a Norwegian island where the sun doesn't set for 69 days want to go "time-free" to make the most of their long summer days.

Clockwork in progress: Sen. Rubio continues push to keep daylight saving time  WFTV Orlando

In 2018, the Florida Legislature voted to lock in daylight saving time, year-round.

Trinity Sunday: It's better than 'daylight savings time begins'  Baptist News Global

Trinity Sunday is June 16, but we can forgive ministers who do not mention it. Trinity Sunday has never really caught on. Not only are Christmas and Easter a ...

Norwegian island where sun doesn't set for 69 days wants to eliminate time

The island of Sommaroey wants to do away with clocks during the midnight sun period.

Illinois Senate committee OKs daylight saving time bill  The State Journal-Register

A group of Carlinville High School seniors managed to do something Wednesday that lawmakers often fail to do during a legislative session: bring Democrats ...


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