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Airbnb vs. Hotel: Which is Better for Your Trip?


A place to rest after a long day of walking in the city is a must whenever you travel. Hence, a debate about Airbnb vs. hotel arises among travelers. They talk about which will be better for a trip. Though some people say that accommodations are not that important, a good rest is needed when traveling. And you can only have it when you are in a comfortable place. 

Airbnb vs. Hotel

To know more about which will best suit your trip, here are comparisons in different areas, primarily the concerns when booking.


When you are traveling, one thing you look out for in places is convenience. Whether it is for your needs or accessibility to places, having ease of access makes the experience stress-free.

Amenities. Hotels do have more amenities compared to Airbnbs. Your hotel room will probably have everything you need, from toiletries to television sets. Additionally, there are pools and restaurants in the building. Parking spaces are also available. Nonetheless, if you will not need these amenities, there is no use in having them.

Tourist spots. This is something arguable. If you like going to famous restaurants and shopping, most hotels are situated in the middle of the city. Thus, giving you access to all these popular spots. On the other hand, Airbnbs are not that far from these hotels. They are located in residential areas where you can ask locals for places to visit. Remember that locals know best when it comes to their area. You can ask them when is the best time in California to visit the top-rated destinations.

Check-in. Due to different time zones, you may arrive at an unfavorable time for Airbnb hosts. While in hotels, they have their front desk operating 24 hours. Another thing to note is that when staying in an Airbnb, you need to do all the chores. If you do not think you will handle the mess, it is better to have housekeeping.


The people you travel with also determine where you should be staying. It is recommended to have Airbnb vs. hotels when traveling in groups. Unlike in hotels where you need to book multiple rooms, you can just rent out a whole house for the group. However, when you have kids, you may want to stay in a hotel where they have childcare. Occasionally, they have babysitting services if you need someone to look after the kids.

Length of Stay

Short trips are better when booked in a hotel. Since you have limited time, doing chores is not on your list of activities. This is ideal for business trips. But then, it will be a little more fun when renting an apartment for a vacation. A week or a month in the same hotel room can become monotonous. A neighborhood around you will make it feel like home.


Staying in a budget hotel for one to two days will not be as heavy in the pocket. There are times that the price of a hotel room and a space in Airbnb is pretty much the same. In this case, booking a hotel room is more advantageous since it comes with services that are not available in Airbnbs. Yet, Airbnbs are more budget-friendly when it comes to long trips. Some places offer weekly or monthly rent. Sometimes they are giving discounts if you will be staying for many days.

Booking an Airbnb or a hotel is a hit or miss. There are times when you have good accommodation in either of the two. Then, some days disappoint you. One way to make sure other travelers make the right decision is to write an honest review. It doesn't matter whether it is a hotel or an Airbnb. If you are happy with your stay, you might also recommend it to your friends that are visiting. Also, raising some points of improvement can help the management and the hosts.

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