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New Bill in the State Needs Federal Approval


States that want to keep Daylight Saving Time permanent need approval, and Washington is no exception. Its bill seeking to keep the state in DST year-round has been waiting for federal approval since 2019. 

Things have changed as Washington considers new legislation that will make the state standard time year-round. The question is, does it also needs federal approval?

The good news for Washington is that the state doesn't need congress's approval to keep the state in standard time permanently. It was Senator Jim Honeyford who filed in the state Legislature this week. 

Suppose the legislation passed, Washington would be in standard time. It will take effect until Congress authorizes states to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round.

In addition, the bill's approval will also allow Washington to explore shifting from Pacific Standard Time to Mountain Standard Time. Doing so can help the state mitigate "the potential impact" of staying in standard time.

Keeping the standard time year-round is good news for those who hate changing their clocks twice a year. Besides, they believe that Daylight Saving Time causes adverse effects.

Based on the bill, "Scientific studies have connected several health consequences with the act of switching between standard time and Daylight Saving Time, including greater risks of heart attacks, more frequent workplace injuries, and increased suicide rates in the days immediately following the switch."

Meanwhile, Washington Senator Patty Murray has continued to push for the Sunshine Protection Bill in Congress. This bill would keep the entire country in Daylight Saving Time year-round.

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