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Why January Mornings are Darker


January has arrived, which now means you can now observe shorter days and colder nights, signifying the winter season. During this time, you can expect darker mornings in January, and probably, you are wondering why.

The Winter Solstice

Some people like summer more, but this December onwards could be the best time for those who love the winter. One phenomenon that they should not miss is the winter solstice, a day when the northern hemisphere experiences the shortest day of its year. It will exactly happen on December 21, Sunday, marked at 23:03 GMT.

Winter solstice is the exciting moment when the North Pole is tilted furthest from the sun but take note that it doesn't always occur on December 21. There are instances when it happens in the early hours of December 22, which is about to happen next year. 

Like those who observe Daylight Saving Time, people during the winter solstice can experience some changes. Since the days are shorter, they can expect a darker afternoon. So if you don't want to miss the sunset, make sure to set the alarm for it.

If you think that mornings will soon be brighter as the new year comes, you're pretty wrong because darker mornings continue until January. The winter solstice would arrive earlier than expected in different time zones like London. For Sydney, mornings will start getting darker from the middle of December. Meanwhile, their evenings will continue to get lighter until early January.

Why January Mornings are Darker

Now, you've understood why days become shorter, but what exactly makes January mornings even darker? One of the reasons behind it all is that a solar day to be precise, is not always exactly 24 hours. It is because the Earth's rotation is tilted - 23.5 degrees from vertical. 

Another reason is that the Earth's speed varies since it moves in an elliptical orbit around the sun. The planet accelerates when it is closer to the star's gravitational pull and decelerates when it is further away.

January mornings are darker than other months, but they still signify new beginnings. If you think this year has not been yours, you can start all over again and claim that 2022 will be full of blessings and opportunities. 

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