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What Ontario Needs to Receive More Daylight in the Holiday Season


Christmas is just around the corner; no wonder more and more people in Ontario feel some festive vibes. But this season does not only symbolize that holidays are getting closer because December is also the time when people experience the shortest and darkest day on the calendar. 

December is a month full of happiness and cheerful nights. But for some, it is when they experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which makes them feel gloomy and less energetic. 

One factor why some people in Ontario experience seasonal depression is the lack of sunlight. Even in other time zones, having less sunlight is a struggle for some.

The good news for Ontario is that there’s a way for the province to receive more daylight. Recently, Ontario MPP Jeremy Roberts passed a private member’s bill to keep Ontario on daylight time year-round.

Once approved, people in the province can enjoy an extra hour of sunshine in the evenings. In addition, there are no more biannual time changes since the fall back” and “spring forward” each year will be abolished.

Daylight Saving Time’s primary goal was to save energy during the First World War. This is why Germany, England, and other countries made the switch.

Many people are against Daylight Saving Time not only because of the hassle of changing the clocks. Another reason why they are against this biannual tradition is its adverse effects.

Roberts stated that his bill has sailed through the Ontario legislature in 55 days. It has no opposition and support from small businesses, but it will only be triggered if New York state and Quebec pass similar legislation.

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