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Daylight Saving Time Causes Troubles on the Road


Daylight Saving Time has ended in many places, but its effects are still felt as it brought challenges on the road. Based on the AAA's website, the fall and winter months have brought less daylight and darker commuting hours. 

As a result, more crashes were seen between cars and pedestrians or bicyclists. After the biannual tradition has ended, you can observe different mornings around Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania

You can see that the sun’s angle is quite different compared to before. That’s why motorists experienced struggles in seeing the road when driving every time the sun rises and sets. 

The AAA Mid-Atlantic has provided some helpful tips to the drivers:

  • - Always yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Never pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks.
  • - Don’t forget to turn on your headlights. Doing so allows you to become more visible during the early morning and evening hours.
  • - Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle’s headlights and windows (inside and out).
  • - Never use high beams when other cars or pedestrians are around.
  • - Slow down in places where you need to do so.

There are also tips for pedestrians and bicyclists such as:

  • - Always wear bright colors or reflective clothing every time you walk or bike near traffic at night. 

  • - Avoid listening to music so that you can be aware of what's happening around you.

  • - Avoid walking in traffic, especially if there are no sidewalks or crosswalks.

  • - Check the distance and speed of oncoming traffic before stepping out into the street.

  • - Consider crossing at the corner, not in the middle of the road or between parked cars.

  • - Ensure some bicycle lights, especially during the winter months because the night is longer than days.

  • - Make sure to cross only at intersections. Always look left, right, and left again and only cross when it is clear.

  • - Never jaywalk.

  • - Use a flashlight when walking in the dark.

Daylight Saving Time offers some benefits, but it can also pose dangers to drivers, cyclists, and people crossing the pedestrians. Make sure to consider the tips to decrease your risks of getting into an accident.

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