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Hurricane Season: Traveling Tips That You Need to Know


Anything can happen during a hurricane. The same thing goes with your travel plans. Still, you do not want to postpone any of your trips because it may cost your travel savings. Following hurricane season traveling tips can lessen the effect of these extreme weather conditions. In that way, you will be able to enjoy your much-needed vacation even in these unexpected situations.

Hurricane Season Traveling Tips

The hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. During these months, you might want to plan your trips with consideration of the weather. Here are seven tips that can help you when traveling during this season:

Be flexible.

One trait that will be helpful during these times is being flexible. You need to be able to adapt to any situation. Stressing out over something that you cannot control is unnecessary—for example, dwelling on a canceled flight. Instead, you might want to take care of the things that you can still arrange when you arrive at the destination. 

Patience is also one thing since there will be many unforeseeable problems that may come along the way. You may encounter impassable roads due to flooding.

Purchase travel insurance.

If you are traveling during the hurricane season, having travel insurance will be beneficial. You never know when the next weather disturbance will arrive. It may or may not affect your trip. But to avoid losses, purchasing one can cover some of the expenses caused by the situation. 

However, there are terms and conditions in your insurance. Read through your policies and know what will be covered and what is not. Also, when you can claim it, there are instances that you will not ask for assistance because the hurricane is already expected.

Know the cancellation policies.

Aside from your insurance, you might as well get informed of the cancellation policies. This applies to everything that can be canceled, like flights, accommodations, restaurant reservations, and other prior bookings you made. Some establishments let you cancel your booking without any fees. Some of them offer to rebook. While others are non-refundable. You need to note how many days before your arrival or booking is necessary for you to cancel or rebook. This will not only be favorable for you but also the business.

Monitor the weather.

This is one of the hurricane season travel tips you need to do the most. It is much better if you do these before your trip. Tuning in to the weather forecast every night and morning of your journey will be advantageous. You will be able to plan out your day accordingly.

Adjust your schedule.

Delays and cancellations on transportation are common whenever there are extreme weather conditions. Thus, you need to have some spare time when traveling. Scheduling your activities close to each other will only cause a chain reaction of delay or cancellation. If you need to travel for an hour during a typical day, an additional hour or two will minimize the impact of a delay. Different time zones may or may not be in your favor when it comes to this one.

Carry your essentials.

One common scenario when being stranded is being away from your baggage. You may have already checked in even before the announcement at the airport. Hence, pack your essentials in your carry-on bags for accessibility. Also, it is a way to feel more at ease since you have your valuables with you.

Take a cruise.

Unlike flights, there is a minor delay when traveling in the sea. Ships take longer hours to arrive at their destination compared to airplanes. Thus, they have enough time to prepare for a hurricane. Once a weather disturbance appears on the route, they can easily divert to other ports. 

Coincidentally, the best time in California to have a cruise is from September to October, which is the harvest season. This is also within the hurricane season. Some travelers prefer cruising over land and air travel during these times because they want to avoid setbacks.

Traveling is one of the things that people need to escape reality for a while. However, truth does not want you to go that easily. It may come rushing to you in the form of hurricanes. These hurricane season traveling tips listed do not guarantee stress-free travel. Having it experienced first-hand will teach you more of what to do in this kind of situation.

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