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Is It Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Saving Time?


Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Saving Time, which is the correct way to say it? Though it only differs because of the extra s in the first one, knowing which one is the proper way to use is essential. Why? It's because it would be more fulfilling if you both knew the correct term and understood what it means. If you see the concept of this biannual tradition but still get confused whether it's "savings" or "saving," it's time to find the correct answer now. 

Daylight Savings Time vs. Daylight Saving Time

Some people use the word "savings," while others believe "saving" is the correct word for DST. Others don't care as long as they understand the concept. But if you want to know, the correct version is Daylight Saving Time (singular saving). Even though daylight-savings time (plural savings) is commonly used and became an accepted variant of Daylight Saving Time, it is still better to practice saying the correct term.

But why do some people use savings and not saving? It is believed that they derive it from the word savings, which refers to money. It's like having a savings account in a bank or having some savings for your future use.  Though it is accepted, it is an informal way to refer to the biannual tradition. If you want a formal way to say it, Daylight Saving Time would be better.

Sometimes, understanding the concept is not enough. It is also essential to know which is the correct term so that you'll avoid mistakes when using it or teaching it to someone. Daylight Saving Time has been practiced for years, yet not all use this term. Take note that Daylight Saving Time is the correct one, but make sure you know what this tradition is for.

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