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New Study Reveals Daylight Saving Causes US Fatalities to Rise


You may have heard over the years that the Daylight Saving time change is good for everyone, namely because it conserves daylight and also conserves energy (the idea is we use more energy at night when it’s dark).


There have even been a few studies that claim otherwise. But a recent study may prove the theories correct. Daylight Saving may actually be worse for our health, causing US fatalities to rise when it’s active.


What Did the Daylight Saving Study Show?


The study was conducted by one Austin Smith of Miami University. He analyzed data from the United States Fatality Analysis Reporting System which factors in the deaths and accidents of many. He looked at data from before and after the 2007 Daylight Saving time change.


What he found is surprising, and may influence more countries to abolish DST completely.


Results showed that the spring-forward transition which moves the clock forward an hour increases the fatal crash risk by about 5% to 6.5%. A series of four tests have revealed that the increased risk is from sleep deprivation. Because there are technically fewer hours in a day, people tend to be more tired and get less sleep.


Smith says that “back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest the spring transition to DST caused over 30 deaths annually,” which is concerning, to say the least. He estimated that it has “a social cost of $275 million” due to accidents and fatigue.


In short, it means that the jump forward to account for fewer sunlight hours is bad for our health and rest cycle. As you may know, humans need a certain amount of sleep just like they need food and water. If you don’t get enough, your body starts to shut down in different ways.


Have you ever tried to drive your vehicle exhausted? It can be quite dangerous.



What do you think of this news? Do you agree? Do you feel Daylight Saving still has its place in modern society or should it be abolished?

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