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Top 20 Least Happy Countries in the World 2021


Last time, you discovered the happiest countries in the world, in which Finland topped the list. Today, you'll learn which places are ranked as the least happy countries in the world for 2021. If government support is what makes Finland happy, then what is the reason that makes the least happy countries unsatisfied with their lives? Read on to find out soon.

The World Happiness Report

Happiness is specific to each individual, so it's challenging to assess which county is least happy. But since many people want to know which places are more likely to have an enjoyable environment, some groups and organizations rank countries based on the residents' happiness. For instance, the World Happiness Report, put out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ranked the nations from being the happiest to least happy. They used the following categories to rank the countries:

  • - freedom to make life choices
  • - generosity
  • - perceptions of government/business corruption
  • - recent experience of emotions (including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • - social support

The Least Happy Countries Revealed

Finland is ranked as the happiest country globally, but when it comes to the least happy, Afghanistan topped the list. It is followed by Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Botswana, and Lesotho. Check out the following list to see the other countries.

1. Afghanistan

2. Zimbabwe

3. Rwanda

4. Botswana

5. Lesotho

6. Malawi

7. Haiti

8. Tanzania

9. Yemen

10. Burundi

11. India

12. Sierra Leone

13. Zambia

14. Togo

15. Madagascar

16. Mauritania

17. Ethiopia

18. Egypt

19. Comoros

20. Swaziland

Why Afghanistan is the Unhappiest Country

If you are updated on the news, you'll have an idea why Afghanistan is the least happy country. This country is, unfortunately, experiencing severe problems in terms of terrorism. Other than that, Afghanistan is also suffering from different challenges, even before the pandemic. And since the coronavirus outbreak started, the people of Afghanistan experienced the negative impacts of the pandemic.

Based on the Inter-American Development Bank report, there are other factors why Afghanistan was dubbed as the unhappiest country. For instance, the government is suffering from high unemployment rates, low income, and inequality, which increases people's depression. The adverse effects of the pandemic also amplify the negativities experienced in Afghanistan.

It is good to know that there are still countries that remain resilient despite the pandemic. But for Afghanistan and other least happy countries, they need more support considering the problems that they are facing nowadays. Wherever time zones you're living right now, you may extend help to these countries.

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