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What is Standard Time?


Did you know when you are looking at a location observing Standard Time this means that it is the regular local time of that particular region? Standard Time is used outside of Daylight Saving Time and often comes during the winter.


Even though several countries make time changes for Daylight Saving, this is not the norm. Over 60% of all the countries in the world remain on standard time all year. This should give you some idea of how many actually make the DST switch.


Standard Time is Also Called Winter Time or Normal Time


Depending on the country in question, Standard Time may actually be referred to as Winter Time or Normal Time due to its nature.


Furthermore, the length of Standard Time may be different depending on where in the world a location is.


In the US and Canada, standard time is only observed for about four and a half months total out of the entire year. European countries, on the other hand, remain on standard time much longer - about five to six months out of the year.


The Local Time Difference Determines the Offset


The local time in any location is defined by the difference between it and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The offset is usually shown as a + or – depending on the local time relation to UTC.


Offsets are most often seen as whole hour long differences, but there are abnormal offsets in some places of 30 to 45 minutes.


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