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Which Countries are in the PST Time Zone?


The Pacific Standard Time (PST) or sometimes called PT, is consistent with UTC -8. As most people know, the time zones' differences to each other are relevant to the Universal Time Coordinate (UTC). UTC refers to the time in the prime meridian, which lies in zero longitudes. Like other time zones, countries in the PST observe Daylight Saving Time, setting their clock one hour forward in summer. From Pacific Standard Time, they change it to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and reach UTC -7. Some of you might be wondering which countries are in the PST time zone. Find out the answers here.

Where is PST Observed?

The following US states use the Pacific Standard Time in the winter and Pacific Daylight Time in the summer. 

  • California
  • Idaho - western counties
  • Nevada
  • Oregon - except most of Malheur county
  • Washington

In Canada, the following provinces and territories use PST in the winter and PDT in the summer:

  • British Columbia - except for some eastern communities
  • Yukon

Baja California is the only Mexican state that uses Pacific Standard Time During winter and Pacific Daylight Time in summer.

Fun Fact!

Pacific Standard Time also comes in different names. In Spanish, it is called PT or Tiempo del Pacifico, while in French, it is called HNP o Heure Normale du Pacifique. PST can also refer to Pitcairn Standard Time. As you all know, PST uses the offset UTC -8, but other time zones use the same offset. These are the following time zones:


  • AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time (Daylight Saving Time)

Alaska Daylight Time is eight hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time. This time zone is used in North America.


  • PST - Pitcairn Standard Time (Standard Time)

Pitcairn Standard Time is eight hours behind UTC. It is used during standard time in the Pacific.


  • U - Uniform Time Zone (Military Time)

Uniform Time Zone is eight hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time. This time zone is a military time zone often used in aviation and the military as another name for UTC -8. U is commonly used at sea between longitudes 127.5° West and 112.5° West. The letter U is used as a suffix to denote a time being in the Uniform Time Zone. For instance, time in this time zone would be written w 08:00U or 0800U, which you can read as "zero eight hundred Uniform.

As you can see above, several time zones use the offset UTC -8. That's why when referring to time zone, it is essential to add the abbreviation of the time zone you want to refer to. For example, if you refer to the time zone in California (related: what time is it in California), you may say PST UTC -8. If you only tell UTC -8, it may confuse other people because the Alaska Daylight Time, Pitcairn Standard Time, and Uniform Time Zone also use UTC -8. Being specific with a time zone is essential, primarily if you deal with people in other countries in the PST time zone.

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