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Poll Results Show Many Albertans are in Favor of Permanent Daylight Saving Time


An online poll was held from July 22-26 for Postmedia in which 1,377 Albertans have participated. The survey results show that more than half of Albertans, precisely 57 percent support permanent Daylight Saving Time. Meanwhile, the other 43 percent believed in section 36 of the Constitution Act, removing the equalization payments to the federal government.

The results signify that three in five Albertans favored keeping the twice a year tradition year-round. That means 31 percent opposed. Albertans are not the only ones who have a say on Daylight Saving Time. Even Edmontonians also want to stop rolling their clocks back. 

However, a problem might occur if Daylight Saving Time becomes year-round. According to Ian Large, Leger’s executive vice-president, Alberta, and the Eastern provinces would be three hours apart for half the year. 

“I’m not sure there’s been a lot of discussion about the implication of that because it’s one of those things that’s an excellent idea in theory but may not be such a great idea in practice,” Large explained.

Take note that online surveys like the one used for Postmedia cannot be assigned a margin of error. It is because it does not randomly sample the population. Supposed the data were collected through a random sample, except that the margin of error would be plus or minus three percent. That means there will be 19 times out of 20.

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