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Bills in Oklahoma Target Annual Time Changes


More and more lawmakers in the United States are considering bills that will make Daylight Saving Time permanent. But in Oklahoma, legislators have contradicting options whether the state should enjoy extra hours of daylight in the afternoon or not.

Lawmakers still need to decide whether to support the time change, either making it year-round or keeping the standard time. State Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, plans to file a bill, allowing voters to decide whether they want to continue the twice-a-year tradition.

Most people living in Oklahoma said that they are tired of changing their clocks twice a year. But when asked whether to keep Daylight Saving Time or not, they are still undecided since spring forward, and fall back has its pros and cons.

Those against the clock changes would probably support West's bill that seeks to eliminate Daylight Saving Time. Once approved, it would make Oklahoma on fall time, also known as standard time, year-round.

It is essential to know that states don't need congressional approval to abolish Daylight Saving Time under federal law. However, they cannot eliminate standard time without an act of Congress. 

State Sen. Blake "Cowboy" Stephens, R-Tahlequah, is conducting an interim legislative study on the issue. In his bill, it would make Oklahoma in permanent Daylight Saving Time.

"This is what I call my passion bill," Stephens stated. "If it takes me my full 12 years to get this across the finish line, I'm willing to put in the work. I'm willing to show why it makes sense for not just the farming and ranching communities, but for the state of Oklahoma, every citizen," he added.

The bills in Oklahoma are competing because some support the legislation of keeping standard time year-round. On the other hand, others prefer making Daylight Saving Time permanent.

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