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Campaigners Petition to Keep British Summer Time Year-Round


Together with the campaigners, Tobias Ellwood, former defense minister, wants to keep British Summer Time permanent. They believe that clocks should not go back to the standard time so that the United Kingdom will have a bigger chance to enjoy lighter evenings. 

If Daylight Saving Time becomes permanent, the country will have extra hours of sunlight in the evening, helping the hospitality industry to recover from the pandemic. In addition, Ellwood believes that additional daylight hours in the afternoon can help UK's high streets bounce back and allow attractions to stay open for a longer time. 

Some campaigners also believe making summer time year-round improves people's mental and physical health and reduces road accidents. In addition, Ellwood explained that if the country's clocks do not go back this year on October 31, the evenings will be brighter, boosting the holiday industry.

"Tourism and hospitality would enormously benefit... Lighter evenings would see increased high street sales as shops would benefit from over 230 hours of daylight," Ellwood said. "Historic houses, castles, leisure parks, and spectator sports would all appreciate the extra hours of sunlight allowing them to increase their operational hours," he added.

However, Paul Scully, a business minister, believes that the Government should stick with the present system. According to him, the current daylight-saving arrangements represent the optimal use of the available daylight across the country. 

Scully doesn't believe that there is sufficient evidence to support changing the current system of clock changes. The good news is that the Government is urging the councils to support "pop-up" camping this summer. 

Supporting campsites during summer time will meet the demand for staycations in the season, boosting local economies. But businesses need to apply for campsite licenses, in which land can be temporarily used as a commercial campsite for up to 56 days under the new arrangement.

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