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Connecticut Proposes Move To Atlantic Standard Time


A group of Connecticut legislators supports the bill to move the northeast of the United States off the Eastern Standard Time (est). If the bill is approved, Connecticut would be using the Atlantic Standard Time. This will lead to observing Daylight Saving Time for 12 months.

According to Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, a state senator, it is a practical move to AST because it is better not to handle something that the state doesn't need anymore. However, the bill submitted by Representative Kurt Vail, R-Stafford has been running for five years now and still doesn't have any result.

The initial purpose of the bill was to disregard Daylight Saving Time. However, there was an option to move the hour forward to Atlantic Standard Time. According to Rep. Vail, following the bill will not change anything for the year. He said that they would not be falling back in November once they spring forward on March 14.

Once Connecticut and other states use the Atlantic Standard Time, people will benefit from it, especially those that suffer from the seasonal affective disorder. According to Representative Quentin Phipps, D-Middletown, Daylight Savings Time's effects on people who suffer from mental health issues like depression are particularly resonant.

The locals in Connecticut, especially the legislators, are waiting for the approval of the bill. Now that there is no result yet, people who experience DST's adverse effects need to find ways to avoid the health issue regarding time changes.

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