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Georgia Still Needs to Fall Back and Reset Their Clocks


July first in Georgia is one of the significant dates in the state because, during this time, the majority of the newly passed state laws are scheduled to go into effect. It is known that Georgia is one of the several states that have signed law legislation that would eliminate the twice a year tradition. Once the law takes effect, residents will no longer have to change the clock twice a year. 

The problem is, the Daylight Saving Time legislation must get federal approval. "I don't think they will, but I would rather not fall back," Atlanta resident Nate Grider stated. "Let's just keep it straight," he added.

Together with the other states, Georgia might need to fall back and reset their clocks again this year unless Congress agrees to year-round Daylight Saving Time. Besides, the Federal legislation to the said clock switch was introduced to Congress earlier this year. However, Congress still needs to decide on how long the consideration process will be.

Aside from the Daylight Saving Time legislation, there will be changes in Georgia. Some of the new laws cater to teen drivers who are now required to take a driver's education under "Joshua's Law." Not only that but colleges and universities around the state will also have to adjust to new regulations.

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