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Georgia Still Needs to Fall Back This Year


This year is coming to an end, but some people are still confused about whether Georgia will fall back this year. It was on March 14, Sunday, when the state started Daylight Saving Time

During that time, Georgia set their clocks one hour forward. And now that the weather is starting to cool down and the days are getting shorter, residents have to prepare for the fall back. 

The question is, does Georgia still need to fall back? The answer is yes. Although Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill to keep Georgia in standard time throughout the entire year, the bill still needs Congress’ approval. 

Since the bill is not yet approved, Georgia has to prepare for the fallback. In Central Georgia, people will lose about 50 minutes of the sun by Halloween rolls around. 

Daylight Saving Time in Georgia is coming to an end, which will happen on November 7. This is excellent news for those who have been sleep-deprived because you will gain an extra hour of sleep. 

The days are getting shorter, so create plans to maximize the daylight. Don’t forget to change your clocks on the said date to avoid any confusion with time.

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