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Greece Switches Clock to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday


Greece will set its clock one hour forward on March 28, 2021, Sunday,  to observe the Daylight Saving Time. From 03:00, the clocks will be forwarded to 4:00. Greece is only one of the many countries that observe DST, even though some people are against it. 

In the last two years, the European Parliament has voted to ditch the yearly tradition of changing clocks. Daylight Saving Time happens twice a year, and they change the clocks by an hour during spring and autumn. Since people have opposing opinions about the twice-a-year custom, the national government hasn't decided to abolish it entirely. 

Aside from Greece, Daylight Saving Time occurs in most US states and territories. The only state and territories that do not observe DST include Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and Northern Mariana Island. This year, most participating US states began Daylight Saving Time at 02:00 on March 8, Sunday. But others like Greece will follow this tradition on Sunday.

Daylight Saving Time will end on October 27, Sunday, when Greece's clocks will be turned backward one hour from 04:00 to 03:00. DST measures will end in 2021 based on the European Parliament decision that reached in March. Other EU countries need to decide whether to keep the tradition or proceed with the last change on the last Sunday of March 2021. Those countries that will not keep the Daylight Saving Time will have to adjust their clock the last Sunday of October 2021.

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