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Illinois Lawmakers Evaluate Daylight Saving Time Bill


Illinois statehouse has competing resolutions, including a bill that would abolish the twice-a-year change of all the clocks. But the residents and lawmakers have contradicting statements regarding Daylight Saving Time. The question is still unanswered whether to keep DST permanent or not. During a committee hearing held last week, state Rep. Tim Butler, R-Springfield, and Rep. Jonathan Carrol, D-Northbrook, presented a measure to make permanent Standard Time.

Morgan explained that what people went through with COVID, people need to be very specific and very deliberate with the state's pandemic response, and one of the ways to do that is to help the residents' small businesses, giving them some extra time at the end of the day when it's still sunny out.

Contrary to what others believe, Jay Pea, a researcher with the group Save Standard Time, wanted to stick with the Standard Time because making Daylight Saving Time permanent would result to negative impacts. "It reduces sleep, reduces immunity, reduces alertness, school grades, productivity," Pea stated. "It increases illness and accidents," he added.

According to experts, Daylight Saving Time is ideal in the spring, summer, and fall because it cuts down on energy, traffic accidents, and health problems. However, Daylight Saving Time is also associated with many health conditions, such as increasing risks of heart attacks and causing many sleep problems. DST has pros and cons, and Illinois residents need to wait for the final decision since the resolutions remain in committee.

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