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Indiana Temporarily Bids Farewell to Daylight Saving Time


Daylight Saving Time has its pros and cons, but this biannual tradition has a troublesome reputation in Indiana. Although the goal of DST is to conserve energy and add extra daylight hours, many people hate Daylight Saving Time. Residents in Indiana find it inconvenient to change clocks not once but twice a year.

The problem is that most of them don’t understand its significance. As is expected, there was a misconception behind the proposal when Benjamin Franklin initiated this tradition. Although it seems that changing the clocks is easy, the truth is it is not. 

Remembering when to change the clocks is crucial, but many people forget it when the right time comes. The U.S. first considered time change in 1918, whereas the bill lasted seven months before being repealed. It was done when a bill suggested a seasonal time change.

Before 2006, Indiana was one of the states that did not observe DST. But everything changed when Governor Mitch Daniels pushed for enacting Daylight Saving Time in Indiana. According to him, not following DST hindered economic growth because it confused both living outside and inside the state.

The good news for those who hate the biannual tradition is you can enjoy an extra hour of sleep since this Sunday, November 7; clocks go back one hour. Make sure to remember the date, so you don’t miss the fall back. For additional updates, don’t forget to visit World Time Server.

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