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Katter Petitions to Stop Daylight Saving Time


The debate to put an end or not to Daylight Saving Time continues in Queensland. DST is a biannual tradition that Queensland has been following for years. 

Robbie Katter, KAP Leader and Traeger MP, has launched an Australian Party parliamentary petition to abolish Daylight Saving Time. Brisbane's mayor called for Queensland, hoping the state would introduce DST by the 2032 Olympics. 

However, the KAP petition calls for the Queensland Parliament, and they want the parliament to recognize the impact of DST.  According to Katter, the livability in the northwest would be eroded by the biannual tradition due to the region's oppressive heat and its impacts on day-to-day life.

"During summer, 40-plus degree days are the norm in the north and central-west Queensland, with sunrise occurring at around 6:15 am and sunset at about 7:30 pm in Mount Isa during these months," Katter Explained. "Moving sunrise to 7:15 am and sunset to 8:30 pm would mean the outdoors would be oppressively warm until close to bedtime," he added.

Katter is not the only one who wants to put an end to Daylight Saving Time. Other people, including those in different time zones following this biannual tradition, don't see the benefits of keeping DST.

Dr. Georgina Davis, Queensland Farmers' Federation chief executive officer, stated that despite the political and social debate every year, she still wants to see robust evidence on the benefits and costs of utilizing Daylight Saving Time in Queensland.

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