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Kenney Encourages Albertans to Vote on Daylight Saving Time


Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier, stated that his government would hold a referendum regarding equalization and Daylight Saving Time. It will be held soon during the municipal election. Kenney will ask Albertans to consider some of the issues that affect the whole province. Not only that, but he is planning to encourage the residents to elect senators. 

However, it is crucial to understand that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no obligation to appoint them if they become elected. Albertans know that Trudeau has no obligation to change the equalization formula. But Kenney still believes that the said issues, both equalization and Daylight Saving Time, would help the province in terms of the provincial economy. Kenney said that a yes vote on the principle of equalization does not automatically change equalization.

Kenney spoke with Trudeau regarding the senatorial election. The Prime Minister told the premier to encourage Albertans running for the senate to apply through the federal government appointment process. Doing so will help them to be considered by Trudeau only if they go through the right process.

Travis Toews, Alberta Finance Minister, said that there is currently a study underway to examine the costs and benefits of creating a possible Alberta pension plan. The problem is the issue will not be on the ballot in the fall. According to Toews, it's vital to ensure that Albertans are well informed. As such, they can make a well-informed choice when they take the issues to the referendum.

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