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Lawmakers Hope for the Last "Spring Forward" for Washington


Last Sunday, Washington, including other states and countries, set their clock one hour forward following the Daylight Saving Time. Those who support DST are glad to start the clock change this year. But lawmakers felt the counterpart as they hoped that it would be the last 'spring forward' for the state. This is because they are still waiting for the result of the bill they have passed for the past two years - and that is to keep Washington in Daylight Saving Time permanently.

The current laws require a federal waiver, especially for those states who want to keep Daylight Saving Time year-round. This is why Washington, together with other states are in a holding pattern since 2019. Rep. Marcus Riccelli, the bill sponsor, stated that the said waiver's approval depends on either Congress or the Secretary of Transportation. Others who proposed to keep Daylight Saving Time permanent explained the benefits once the bill has been approved. This includes fewer vehicular accidents, reduced crime rates, and better overall health. 

Sen. Murray said that it is the overwhelming will of the people in Washington state to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. He hopes that this latest spring forward would be the final one that the country participated in. Although Washington still waits for the bill's approval, the hope is there will be a positive result since 15 states now have passed similar laws.

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