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Lawmakers in Georgia Initiates A Bill to End Daylight Saving Time


The State lawmakers in the House and Senate of Georgia introduced a bill to end time change in the state. Rep. Wes Cantrell, R-Woodstock has introduced legislation that will stop people from changing their clocks twice a year, particularly during March and November. Once this bill becomes a law, the state would recognize Daylight Saving Time year-round. Meaning, no more spring forward and fall back that will happen every year.

Although Rep. Cantrell introduced the legislation, he believes that Daylight Saving Time is good for health. He explained that the afternoon commute is typically when the bulk of accidents occur. If that commute is in the daylight, it cuts down greatly on car accidents. “A lot of petty crime happens in the early evening that we can cut into, along with some energy savings involved when the daylight occurs later in the evening,” Rep. Cantrell added.

Some people suggest that going to Daylight Saving Time might put Atlanta into an economic bind together with other major financial cities. This includes New York and Boston. But according to those who are concerned with the bill, lawmakers should look at the standard time if they prioritize mental health. This is because it’s associated with less daylight, therefore, giving people in Georgia more opportunity to sleep.

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