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Massachusetts Residents Need to Change Their Smoke Alarm Batteries


According to Revere Fire Chief Christopher Bright and State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey, the cause of last week's seven-alarm fire on Hyde Street was likely accidental. The good news is there were no residents injured in the fast-moving fire. 

Ostroskey stated that the magnitude of the fire within the crowded area poses a grave danger not only to the residents but also to the firefighter and the surrounding community. "Fortunately, the building's occupants heard smoke alarms, smelled smoke, and reported the fire quickly," he added.  

Through the residents' reports, the Revere firefighters provided a quick response bolstered by mutual aid. They also went together with personnel from surrounding communities to assist the residents.

The residents in Massachusetts need to have working smoke alarms because they can save lives. Though smoke alarms can last up to ten years, they still should be replaced after that period. 

If you don't know when to change your smoke alarm, you can check the date stamped on the back to know how old it is. Aside from changing the smoke alarm every ten years, remember to change the smoke alarm batteries twice a year.

You can do this at the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time. If you remember this tip, it would be easier to change the batteries since DST happens every year.

Daylight Saving Time in Massachusetts started on March 14. Residents in the state are still enjoying the additional daylight hours in the afternoon. However, it will end on November 14, meaning Massachusetts still needs to wait for March next year to spring forward again.

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