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Morocco to Set Clocks to GMT on April 11


Morocco’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has recently announced that the country will suspend the Daylight Saving Time on April 11. As a result, people need to switch their clocks back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to give way to Ramadan. Every year, Morocco ditches DST a few days before the occasion and then changes the clock again after the holy month. This North African country returns GMT+1 a week after Ramadan.

The time change that happens yearly follows the Decree N 2-12-126 issued on Jumada I, 1433 (April 18, 2012). Morocco adopted Daylight Saving Time in 2008, and their primary reason is to increase the competitiveness of the national economy. The country believes that DST can reduce energy consumption and the time difference between the kingdom and its regional and international trading partners.

Although implementing Daylight Saving Time is intended for good reasons, some Moroccans are not in favor of this yearly practice. They have voiced their displeasure with DST because they doubt its effectiveness. A group of Moroccan citizens has launched a petition in 2015. It aims to urge the government to consider abolishing the Daylight Saving Time switch due to its adverse impacts on health.

Though Moroccans have contradicting opinions with DST, Morocco is still observing the yearly tradition. No one knows whether Daylight Saving Time will be permanent or not. But since Ramadan is coming soon, Morrocans need to prepare for the clock switch in April.

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