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Pa. House Considers Making A Bill to Make DST Permanent


Pennsylvania's statehouse is considering a bill that will make Daylight Saving Time permanent. Representative Ryan Mackenzie, a representative of Berks and Lehigh counties, introduced the bill and called on Congress to adopt the yearly tradition year-round. 

According to Mackenzie, the bill will end the clock changing, which append twice a year. With permanent DST, there will be no more disruption in people's lives, bringing safer health outcomes. Daylight Saving Time has been associated with more car accidents, more strokes, and more deaths because of the change in people's schedules. With permanent DST, there will be an end to these things.

Aside from the adverse effects that DST brings, some people don't like the idea of changing the clocks twice a year. Sometimes, it brings confusion to the locals and those who are traveling to the country. People need to choose between permanent standard time or year-round Daylight Saving Time.
Mackenzie explained that fifteen states across the country had proposed the bill, and if ever his bill will be approved, they will be the 16th state to have permanent Daylight Saving Time. "I think this is a longer-term proposal that may play out over several years," Mackenzie stated. "But I think decidedly, the momentum is behind daylight saving time — not just in Pennsylvania but across the country and the globe as well," he added.

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