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Russian Federation Council Approves Volgograd Region’s Changing of Time Zone


The Regional Duma’s proposal of changing the Volgograd Region’s time zone was approved on December 16 by the Russian Federation's State Duma. At the plenary session, the senators considered the federal time law amendment, wherein the senators had considered 41 questions. Oleg Tkach, a representative of the Economics Committee, was the main defendant in the session. The change of the time zone in the Volgograd region was discussed at the level of committees.

The Volgograd region will take an hour back on December 27 at 02:00. Volgograd Senator Sergey Gornyakov spoke at the committee meeting. He represented the Volgograd Regional Duma in the Federal Council to defend its position. Everyone should know that it was the regional parliament that initiated the second in two years. Besides, no one has complained about the bill.

As a result of the vote, 139 senators agreed to change the time zone in the Volgograd region. One has abstained from the vote. Right now, the bill will be signed by the Russian Federation’s President. After that, the bill will come into effect. There’s a high degree of probability that Volgograd residents will celebrate the New Year in the same time zone as Moscow. 

In October 2018, Volgograd changed its time zone. Then, the time zone was changed from Moscow Standard Time to UTC+4. Now, the current time zone will be changed back again. Russian citizens have different opinions regarding the changing of the time zone. But the approval still depends on the senators who have considered the pros and cons of the bill. Those who are not used to changing the time zones should start preparing, especially when the bill comes into effect. Doing so can help them reduce the impact of the adverse effects if there are any.

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