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Should Alabama Fall Back in November?


Some states in America, including Alabama, have passed a bill to adopt the biannual tradition permanently. Since Daylight Saving Time is soon to end on November 7, some people are still confused about whether they have to fall back or keep DST year-round. 

Daylight Saving Time in Alabama started on March 14 this year. During that time, residents had to change their clocks and set them one hour forward. But now that the twice-a-year tradition is about to end, residents have to prepare for the fall back.

Alabama residents have contradicting opinions on Daylight Saving Time. Although the U.S. Department of Transportation says DST saves energy and even helps in preventing traffic, there were also scientific studies that showed its adverse effects.

Since autumn is around the corner, signifying the end of Daylight Saving Time, people are confused about whether they need to fall back or not. This is because Alabama has passed a law to cancel the time change.

The answer is certain, Alabama still needs to fall back in November. It is true that Alabama House of Representatives has passed a bill to adopt the biannual tradition permanently.

The bill was passed after the state Senate submitted the same measure on April 20. It was Governor Kay Ivey who signed the bill into law on May 13. 

However, states like Alabama don’t have the authority to make that call because Daylight Saving Time is mandated by federal law under the Uniform Time Act of 1966. This means they have to wait for Congress to allow them to adopt DST permanently.

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