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Standard Time in Kentucky Starts on November 7


Daylight Saving Time is a biannual tradition that many American states observe. It is when countries and states that follow DST change their time either one hour forward or backward. 

Kentucky has observed the clock change for 75 years between 1918 and 2021. It was in 1918 when the state first observed Daylight Saving Time.

And now that autumn is just around the corner, the standard time in Kentucky is about to happen again. Kentucky needs to fall back during standard time, meaning people have to set their clocks one hour backward.

When this happens, it means Daylight Saving Time will end. For those who don't know when it will happen, the fallback will precisely occur early on Sunday, November 7. 

If springing forward means losing one hour of sleep, going on standard time in Kentucky will give you an extra hour of sleep. If you support Daylight Saving Time, you have to wait for the next year to enjoy long summer days.

However, if you are not in favor of this biannual tradition, you can take advantage of the extra hour of sleep once the standard time in Kentucky begins in November this year. Those living in time zones where there is no DST don't need to be confused with time because they don't need to follow the clock change.

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