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Time Zone Differences Affect Olympic Competitors


The 2021 Summer Olympics started last Friday, July 23, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. It is expected to end on Friday, August 8. Many athletes from various countries are competing in their respective sports. Since the Olympics is an international sporting event, experts believe the time zone differences can affect Olympic competitors somehow.

Japan has no Daylight Saving Time and is following Japan's Standard Time. Since  it is far away from the participating countries, contestants have to fly miles away to go to the venue. As such, they are prone to so-called jet lag. The supporters of the athlete worry that this might affect the performance of the athletes.

According to experts, it could take one day to acclimatize to a new time zone. Jet lag is a common experience that travelers feel after their flight, especially when they cross a different time zone. But there are instances when they experience more than that.

The good news is that athletes went to Japan a few days before the said event. This means they have enough time to adjust to the new time zone. But still, it would be best to rest and ensure that they are getting enough sunlight; this is because natural light can help keep the circadian rhythm balanced.

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