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What Permanent Daylight Saving Time in Alabama Means


Like many other states, Alabama continues its fight to push permanent Daylight Saving Time in the state. There is a bipartisan group of U.S. senators who are seeking to abolish the twice-yearly clock changes. If the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” is approved, this means that Alabama and all the U.S. states would have Daylight Saving Time year-round.

Unlike Alabama, Hawaii and Arizona don’t care about the spring-forward fall-back tradition. Because of their geographical location where there is an equal distribution of sunlight, they don’t find Daylight Saving Time necessary. This is why Hawaii and Arizona can set clocks to standard time permanently. However, they are prohibited from adopting Daylight Saving Time permanently.

People have opposing opinions regarding the twice-a-year tradition. Some believe that Daylight Saving Time is necessary because of its benefits, such as going extra hours of daylight. Not only that, but its primary purpose is to conserve energy. On the other hand, people find it nonessential because of its adverse effects. There were reported cases in which some individuals have experienced seasonal depression because of the clock changes. 

If there would be permanent Daylight Saving Time in Alabama and across the United States, the end-of-clock changes mean that all states are on Daylight Saving Time. The extra hour of daylight in the evening could benefit businesses such as restaurants. Not only that but students will be given more opportunities to engage in outdoor after-school activities.

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