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When is the Next Blood Moon?


Last Wednesday morning, people across different time zones witnessed a combination of the total lunar eclipse and a super blood moon, leaving everyone in awe. This phenomenon has given many places a spectacular sight in the sky. If you have missed the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday, you can wait for next year since it is believed to happen in May 2022. Or, you can rewatch it now from cameras around the world.

Since the total lunar eclipse happens only once every few years, people took the opportunity to preserve the moment of viewing the magical night sky. Lucky were those individuals who live in an excellent location since not all can view the so-called super “blood” lunar eclipse. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it was only visible from the western half of North America, the bottom of South America, and East Asia.

The good news is that a partial solar eclipse was seen in the eastern United States and Canada. It happened just before the moon set on Wednesday morning. The total lunar eclipse has lasted only about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the total solar eclipse was seen about 5 hours from start to finish. Suppose you don’t want to miss the view on the next lunar eclipse; you may consider going to a place where it can be viewed or visit observatories and organizations worldwide that have shot live videos of astronomical shows.

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