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Armenia Summer Time Zone - AMST


The current time and date right now


10:55:29 AM
Monday, July 15, 2024

UTC/GMT is 05:55 on Monday, July 15, 2024

Armenia Summer Time or AMST has a UTC offset of + 5:00. This means that the time zone is 5 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. The time zone is no longer used actively by any territories or areas.

While it was active, this time zone was a daylight saving or summer time which means that once Daylight Saving was over – during the winter –affected areas would switch to Armenia Time or AMT.

It is important to note that this time zone has a couple labels:

  • Armenia Summer Time (AMST)

  • Armenia Daylight Time (AMDT)

Other time zones that use the same UTC + 5:00 offset are:

  • Aqtobe Time (AQTT)

  • Azerbaijan Summer Time (AZST)

  • Echo Time Zone (E)

  • Mawson Time (MAWT)

  • Maldives Time (MVT)

  • Oral Time (ORAT)

  • Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)

  • French Southern and Antarctic Time (TFT)

  • Tajikistan Time (TJT)

  • Turkmenistan Time (TMT)

  • Uzbekistan Time (UZT)

  • Yekaterinburg Time (YEKT)

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