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Why Does Canada Have 6 Different Time Zones?

Time varies from country to country, and this is because they are located in different regions in the world which correspond to a time zone. For someone who often travels, knowing the time zones is necessary. You may need to adjust your clock when traveling from one country to another. Still, some... read more

Time Zone Facts: How Big is a Time Zone?

Different times in different parts of the world. It is not a new fact that the world has different time zones. However, one of the time zone facts you may not know is how big it is or how long it stretches from one place to another. It can be a little intimidating because you are dealing with a wh... read more

Is There A Default Time Zone for the US?

Traveling to the United States is a dream for many. Some want to visit this country because of its countless tourist attractions, perfect for adventures. Others want to meet different locals, learn their culture, and try the US' signature dishes. If you have never been to this country before, you ... read more

Can A City Set Its Time Zone?

The original number of time zones is 24, which gives each time zone an hour difference. However, some countries that observe more than a single time zone believe that one hour is not ideal for those places near each other. That's why additional time zones were created. And for those countries that... read more

Why Do We Say Eastern Time But Never Atlantic Time?

Time zones can be confusing sometimes. That’s why familiarizing yourself with these time zones can help you, especially when you are traveling. Aside from knowing what your local time is, it is also vital to learn more about it and its relationship with other time zones. This way, you can avoid ti... read more

Fiordland Tourist Town Te Anau Chooses to Keep Daylight Saving Time Forever

A new season is about to start. That's why people who live in countries, states, and provinces that observe Daylight Saving Time prepare for the time change.  New Zealand has spring forward into DST, but a tiny South Island tourist town wants to set its clocks, choosing to keep summertime forever... read more

One-For-All Internet Time Zone: Does It Exist?

Wall clocks, wristwatches, smartphones, and laptops - all of these gadgets and devices can tell time. But even if getting time updates is more accessible nowadays, some people still get confused with time. One reason for this is the existence of many time zones. From 24, more time zones were consi... read more

Time Zone Facts: The Biggest Time Difference Between Two Places

Dealing with people who live in a different time zone could sometimes be challenging. For instance, setting a meeting with them needs consideration, especially if you are facing the biggest time difference. If you have a relative, friend, or workmate who lives on the other side of the world, it's ... read more

Does UTC Observe Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time plays a significant role in many people's lives. In countries and states where it is observed, people get the opportunity to enjoy more daylight in the afternoon. This is because, during the start of DST, they adjust the time by moving the clocks one hour forward. This year, t... read more

What is UTC Time Format?

Telling time is more accessible these days. Unlike before, when there are no time tools, you can just simply look in your wristwatch, wall clock, or even your smartphone to stay updated with time. If you have a smartwatch that automatically updates time, you won't have problems with time no matter... read more

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