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How Indian Standard Time Began

Have you ever wondered how time zones were created? What about the additional time zones used by other countries? Initially, there were 24 time zones with a one-hour time difference. But since some countries think this is not always practical, they have added a 30-45 minute time difference. If yo... read more

Hurricane Season: Traveling Tips That You Need to Know

Anything can happen during a hurricane. The same thing goes with your travel plans. Still, you do not want to postpone any of your trips because it may cost your travel savings. Following hurricane season traveling tips can lessen the effect of these extreme weather conditions. In that way, you wi... read more

When Do Clocks Go Back? Find Out Here.

Daylight Saving Time started last March, and some people don’t know when they will change the clocks again. If you are observing British Time, you can observe how days are getting shorter. Meaning, nights are longer, signaling the end of this biannual tradition. But when exactly should you set you... read more

How to Maximize Daylight Saving Time to Improve Your Relationship

Daylight Saving Time happens twice a year which is referred to as spring forward and fall back. The debate whether DST is beneficial or not continues, but there are still many countries, states, and provinces that observe this biannual tradition. As such, these places experience additional dayligh... read more

The Best Road Trips in the US

Have you ever planned what to do this coming weekend? Taking road trips is fun and exciting, and what makes it more memorable is when you go to the places you’ve never been to. You can travel alone or with friends, but make sure to consider the best road trips in the US. There are so many places i... read more

Best Apps and Websites to Learn A New Language

Because of the pandemic, many people were obliged to stay at home. And one thing that could save them from boredom is watching films. Viewing films that use other languages could be challenging because you need to depend on the subtitles to understand the movie's story. If you are fond of foreign ... read more

Top 20 Least Happy Countries in the World 2021

Last time, you discovered the happiest countries in the world, in which Finland topped the list. Today, you'll learn which places are ranked as the least happy countries in the world for 2021. If government support is what makes Finland happy, then what is the reason that makes the least happy cou... read more

Top 20 Happiest Countries in the World 2021

If you are given a chance to travel across different time zones, which country will you visit first? Probably, you'll prefer countries that offer breathtaking destinations. Though itineraries are one of the things to consider when choosing a place to stay, it is also essential to consider the peop... read more

Adventurers' Guide: 5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and spend good times with your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to fly across different time zones and visit the places you've never been to. If you love adventures, traveling is also a perfect way to see what other countries take pride in, meet fri... read more

Can You Travel Without a U.S. Passport?

Traveling requires a lot of preparation, whether it is an international flight or a domestic one. Getting travel insurance, looking for a flight, and obtaining a passport are some things you need to accomplish when planning a trip. A U.S. passport is one of the most important items to have when tr... read more

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