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Time Zone Difference in Biden's Security Meeting on Afghanistan Confuses People

The White House is accused of using a stock photo after the people on social media noticed an incorrect time zone difference in  President Joe Biden's Photo. The president's image while on a security meeting for Afghanistan sparked speculation since the time difference between the clocks of Moscow... read more

Biannual Clock Changing Comes to An End

On October 18, Albertans will be asked whether they want to abolish the biannual clock changing or keep it. If the majority of the votes say that Albertans favor ending the twice a year tradition, that means the province will observe permanent Daylight Saving Time, which is the summer hours. This ... read more

British Summer Time Comes to An End

Together with other time zones, British Summer Time will end on the final Sunday of October at precisely 2:00 am. Love it or hate it, people under BST need to change their clocks once again and prepare their bodies for the adjustment. Even if Daylight Saving Time happens twice a year, some people ... read more

Daylight Saving Time Soon to Return this November

Daylight Saving Time started in March, requiring people under DST to set their clocks one hour forward at 2:00 am. Those individuals that observe the twice-a-year tradition have already adjusted with the time change. But they need to prepare themselves again as Daylight Saving Time is soon to retu... read more

Poll Results Show Many Albertans are in Favor of Permanent Daylight Saving Time

An online poll was held from July 22-26 for Postmedia in which 1,377 Albertans have participated. The survey results show that more than half of Albertans, precisely 57 percent support permanent Daylight Saving Time. Meanwhile, the other 43 percent believed in section 36 of the Constitution Act, r... read more

Japan to Eastern Time Zone

Although the 2020 Summer Olympics was canceled because of the current pandemic, fans worldwide rejoiced after it was rescheduled. The event started on July 23, 2021, and will end on August 8. The Summer Olympics is still ongoing and is taking place in Tokyo, Japan. It is the second time for Tokyo t... read more

Time Zone Differences Affect Olympic Competitors

The 2021 Summer Olympics started last Friday, July 23, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. It is expected to end on Friday, August 8. Many athletes from various countries are competing in their respective sports. Since the Olympics is an international sporting event, experts believe the time zone diff... read more

Time Change Affects Night Owls More

According to researchers, your genes can affect how you deal with the time change, especially during the spring-forward season. As Daylight Saving Time starts, people living in DST countries need to set their clocks one hour ahead of their local time. The results of the researchers' study show tha... read more

Kenney Encourages Albertans to Vote on Daylight Saving Time

Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier, stated that his government would hold a referendum regarding equalization and Daylight Saving Time. It will be held soon during the municipal election. Kenney will ask Albertans to consider some of the issues that affect the whole province. Not only that, but he is p... read more

Setting Clocks Ahead Affects Early Birds Less Than Night Owls

Many countries observe Daylight Saving Time, a twice a year tradition in which states or provinces change their clocks. DST usually starts during March when people have to spring forward or set their clocks one hour ahead of their local time. In November, they change their clocks again by setting ... read more

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