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A Bill in North Carolina Introduces Permanent Daylight Saving Time


North Carolina State Rep. Jon Hardister has introduced a new bill in the NC General Assembly to put the state back on Daylight Saving Time year-round. The bill aims to help the residents maximize daylight hours, which would be possible with approval from a legislature or Congress. 

According to Hardister, most people work roughly from 9 am to 5 pm. He believes that it's not a great situation because the sun gets down about the time you get off work. Hardister explained that sunlight makes people want to get out and do something. It's suitable for people because it engages a person in physical activity.

Although the North Carolina residents have opposing opinions regarding the yearly tradition, Hardister is not the only one who supports the bill. John Dinan, a political scientist at Wake Forest University, stated that the last three years had seen several states that want to consider making DST permanent, so why don't North Carolina also follow it.

Hardister believes that making Daylight Saving Time permanently would benefit North Carolina residents in so many ways. For instance, seasonal depression affects thousands of lives. That's why getting vitamin D is something people should consider. However, it's hard to do at the end of the day when it gets dark. But with permanent Daylight Saving Time, people will lose a little light at the beginning of the day; however, the residents can go outside or at least go for a walk or do something towards the end.

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