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Can Hardister Bill Make DST Permanent in North Carolina?


Many North Carolina legislators believe it is still the right time to make Daylight Saving Time (DST) year-round in North Carolina. The House committee has voted unanimously for a measure to keep DST permanent. It has passed the committee but idled in the senate. If Congress allows it, the bill will advance a House measure, moving the clocks up an hour for good.

Suppose Congress passes the federal law and allows the states to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round, that means the legislation would end the twice-annual time shift. Therefore, states have to move ahead an hour in mid-March and fall back an hour to standard time in early November. Currently, states have the option to abolish DST. Hawaii and most of Arizona are some places in the United States that don’t participate in the yearly tradition.

Over the past four years, 15 US states have already passed laws or resolutions seeking to move to permanent Daylight Saving Time. Meanwhile, dozens of bills on DST have been filed this year across the 28 states. According to Rep. Jon Hardister, a Guilford County Republican and bill sponsor, moving the clock up an hour for good would mean more time for adults and their children's outdoor evening activities.

“Without daylight saving time, the sun is down by the time you get off work. It’s kind of hard to get out there and walk the dog, and for the kids to go to the playground,” Hardister added.  Making Daylight Saving Time permanent would mean more children are getting ready while adults will work in the dark.

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