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Time Zone Differences Affect Olympic Competitors

The 2021 Summer Olympics started last Friday, July 23, which was held in Tokyo, Japan. It is expected to end on Friday, August 8. Many athletes from various countries are competing in their respective sports. Since the Olympics is an international sporting event, experts believe the time zone diff... read more

Time Change Affects Night Owls More

According to researchers, your genes can affect how you deal with the time change, especially during the spring-forward season. As Daylight Saving Time starts, people living in DST countries need to set their clocks one hour ahead of their local time. The results of the researchers' study show tha... read more

Kenney Encourages Albertans to Vote on Daylight Saving Time

Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier, stated that his government would hold a referendum regarding equalization and Daylight Saving Time. It will be held soon during the municipal election. Kenney will ask Albertans to consider some of the issues that affect the whole province. Not only that, but he is p... read more

Setting Clocks Ahead Affects Early Birds Less Than Night Owls

Many countries observe Daylight Saving Time, a twice a year tradition in which states or provinces change their clocks. DST usually starts during March when people have to spring forward or set their clocks one hour ahead of their local time. In November, they change their clocks again by setting ... read more

Albertans Vote on Daylight Saving Time: To Keep or Not to Keep?

A variety of topics will be discussed in the upcoming municipal elections. The said topics would focus on Alberta’s equalization payments, Daylight Saving Time, and senate nominee selections. One Grande Prairie counselor thinks that packing the ballot is nothing but political theatre. Meanwhile, ... read more

Minnesota's Biennial Budget for 2021 Includes Daylight Saving Time

The Minnesota Legislature has been conducting special sessions since they consider terminating Governor Walz's peacetime emergency declaration regarding the coronavirus. Minnesota's biennial budget focuses on the state's different sectors. Among the key spending and policy revisions include making... read more

Year-Round Daylight Saving Time in Louisiana Awaits Federal Law

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill last year, making the state into permanent Daylight Saving Time. Once approved, DST will become the new standard time in Louisiana. The residents should understand that the law will only affect if the U.S. Congress amends the current federal law. ... read more

Bills in Oklahoma Target Annual Time Changes

More and more lawmakers in the United States are considering bills that will make Daylight Saving Time permanent. But in Oklahoma, legislators have contradicting options whether the state should enjoy extra hours of daylight in the afternoon or not. Lawmakers still need to decide whether to suppo... read more

Massachusetts Residents Need to Change Their Smoke Alarm Batteries

According to Revere Fire Chief Christopher Bright and State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey, the cause of last week's seven-alarm fire on Hyde Street was likely accidental. The good news is there were no residents injured in the fast-moving fire.  Ostroskey stated that the magnitude of the fire w... read more

New Mexico Still Has Four Months Left Before Daylight Saving Time Ends

Months ago, Daylight Saving Time started in New Mexico. Time flies so fast because in four months, the twice-a-year tradition will soon end. Meaning, residents, and visitors living in New Mexico need to set their clocks one hour backward. The start of July has been an important month for New Mexi... read more

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