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Illinois Lawmakers Evaluate Daylight Saving Time Bill

Illinois statehouse has competing resolutions, including a bill that would abolish the twice-a-year change of all the clocks. But the residents and lawmakers have contradicting statements regarding Daylight Saving Time. The question is still unanswered whether to keep DST permanent or not. During ... read more

The Debate on Daylight Saving Time in Illinois Continues

Illinois residents and even the state lawmakers have different opinions about Daylight Saving Time. The debate whether to abolish it or not continues as some people believe that ending the twice-a-year tradition will prevent the adverse effects it brings to people's health. Many Illinois lawmakers... read more

Alabama Lawmakers Push Forward Permanent Daylight Saving Time

State Rep. Ritchie Whorton, R-Owens Cross Roads, explains the legislation that would make Daylight Saving Time year-round in Alabama in the Alabama House Economic Development and Tourism Committee meeting, which was held yesterday, April 28, 2021, in the State House in Montgomery, Ala. Making DST ... read more

New Hampshire Lawmakers Debate Daylight Saving Time Bill

Lawmakers from New Hampshire are continuously debating whether to adopt the time change bill or not. According to those who support the bill, abolishing the twice-a-year tradition of changing the clocks would keep pedestrians safer. Not only that, but people will become healthier and more producti... read more

North Carolina Lawmakers Retry to Abolish Daylight Saving Time

This year, North Carolina lawmakers are trying again to pass a bill that will keep the state on permanent Daylight Saving Time. The sponsor states that retrying to ditch DST would send a message to Congress how important it is for North Carolina to keep Daylight Saving Time year-round. If House Bi... read more

North Dakota Lawmakers Discard Permanent DST Proposal

North Dakota lawmakers have been submitting proposals to make Daylight Saving Time year-round. However, the proposal to enact permanent DST was rejected in the Legislature on Monday, April 19. The statehouse lawmakers voted 36-56, killing House Bill 1371. North Dakota residents have opposing opin... read more

Montana Bill Makes Daylight Saving Time Year-Round

Montana, the Big Sky State, would make Daylight Saving Time permanent if its neighboring states also urge to make DST year-round. Once the said states support it, the bill will advance to the Legislature. In 2009, lawmakers weighed down whether to continue the yearly tradition, making them adopt D... read more

Missouri Lawmakers Urges State House to Make Daylight Saving Time Year-Round

This Wednesday, Missouri's Republican has led the State House advancing a proposal to make Daylight Saving Time year-round. Although this has resulted in the resident's different opinions, many people favor making DST permanent in Pennsylvania. The state lawmakers gave the bill an initial approval... read more

A Call to Year-Round Daylight Saving Time in Pennsylvania

People have different opinions regarding Daylight Saving Time. Some are in favor, while others think it doesn't serve its purpose anymore. The debate whether to continue following the yearly tradition is still on in some states, while others are pushing a bill to make it permanent. This way, resid... read more

Can Hardister Bill Make DST Permanent in North Carolina?

Many North Carolina legislators believe it is still the right time to make Daylight Saving Time (DST) year-round in North Carolina. The House committee has voted unanimously for a measure to keep DST permanent. It has passed the committee but idled in the senate. If Congress allows it, the bill wi... read more

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